Creature Illicit, formed off the streets of St. Louis in 2015. From the Dogtown, Soulard and other surrounding areas that envelop the scattered scene of punk rock today, they show zero consideration to the newborn absurdities that have become the ‘codes and rules’ of punk rock for newer generations.

There is no box, to this fit this uniquely offbeat and peculiar bunch; from their shockingly energized and wildly rebellious live performance, to their songs that encase both heavy doses of melody and die-hard drive – with clever composition, and dexterous lyricism with just the right balance of catchiness, emotion and attitude.

Their riffs show signs of early hardcore/skate punk with blips of old black street blues, thrashy innovations and other ‘not so known’ aggressively imaginative infusions, with poetically streetwise and vividly dense lyrical substance, melodically pneumatic multi-part harmonies – wrapped in ferocious vocal stylings, with bass lines that make you wanna’ dance the night away, fueled by a righteously enthusiastic rhythm section that creates an explosive pulse sure enough to make a heart burst, at an out of sight and un-catchable style of speed.




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